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Franklin Concrete COVID-19 Statement


Per state and local regulations all construction is allowed to continue as an essential business. 


Franklin Concrete is taking measures to ensure the safety of both our customers and employees.


All of our crew members will be following the protocols stated below. NO ONE who is feeling ill will be allowed on any of our job sites.


We will continue to provide our work at the highest standards.  There may be slight delays if we need to get permits from your City for any Right of Way work or closures (sidewalk, park lane, etc.).  We will keep you informed of any schedule changes via email and/or text message. We also have a Zoom account set up if the need for a video conference should arise.


We appreciate you trusting us to provide you with a quality concrete product while keeping all of us safe!


Liz Franklin  Head of Homeowner Division 



Mark Franklin Director of Operations



Charles Franklin General Manger



Our employee guidelines are as follows:




  • If you are experiencing symptoms similar to those of COVID-19 (cough, fever, etc.) you MUST stay home.

    • Prior to returning to work after experiencing these symptoms you MUST be tested and come back negative for COVID-19.

  • Direct contact with co-workers, vendors, and any other personnel should be avoided.


      Masks MUST be worn at all times when on a jobsite.  Not wearing a mask will be treated as a Safety Violation and may result in disciplinary action being taken. 

      Do not shake hands with anyone; this may seem disrespectful but it is commonplace during this time.
    • Avoid coming closer than 3 feet to other people; we understand that this may not be possible with the type of work we do.

    • If you must work in close proximity with other people, using a respirator is recommended but does NOT guarantee that you will not be exposed to potential contaminantes.

    • Wear gloves to avoid transferring germs on shared surfaces - especially the handles of tools

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and often.

    • Wash your hands with soap and water prior to eating, touching your face, or handling food.

    • Utilize hand sanitizer often

    • Be sure to wash your hands prior to coming to work or returning home; we do not want to share germs between our loved ones.

  • Use common sense!

    • This virus is spread the same way as most respiratory illnesses.

    • This should be treated like any other cold/flu season with more attention to detail

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